Prior to your initial Medical Marijuana certification appointment, our office requires that you or your treating doctor send us your medical records within the past year and must include the date of your most recent examination. Medical records must include the date of the examination with the notes from the physician treating the debilitating condition you consider the qualifying condition.
We recommend if you request your doctor to forward a copy a your medical record to our office that you follow up with your doctor’s office to make sure your medical record has been sent in order to avoid any undue delay.

Your Medical Records must be received by MediGroup,PC prior to setting up an appointment.

Once the medical records are received and reviewed, if it is determined that you pre-qualify for a certification, we will contact you to set up an appointment and discuss the next steps which includes completing the Patient Intake and Consent forms.
You can fax (866)480-4671 us your medical records if they are available to you or Download and fill out the medical record release form and ask your doctor to fax (866)480-4671 your record to our office.
We do not need hundreds of pages, just the essentials. We do not need the actual studies (MRI, CAT scan, X-ray, etc.), just the reports. A summary letter from your primary care provider or specialist is also acceptable which should clearly indicate your diagnosis, the period for which he/she has seen you for treatment, the results of any tests performed, and the treatment prescribed.
The records are essential in order to obtain a physician certification. MediGroup PC cannot be your primary care provider.